Thursday, December 6, 2007

In His Prime

We were thrilled to find this photo of Joe Williams in New York City about a year ago. I have never seen it published before. The back of the photo has the handwritten note "Smoky Joe Williams: In his prime." I don't know the date of the photo or the team uniform. Joe had such a long and prolific career, it's hard to pinpoint his "prime" years. Some say it was 1914 when, at 28, he earned 41 wins with only 3 losses. 1917 might be a good pick -- that fall he faced the National League champions New York Giants. He pitched a no-hitter but lost the game on a 10th inning error. Or how about 1930 when, at 44, Joe struck out 27 Kansas City Monarchs under the lights.

Any ideas on Joe's age in the photo?


judy said...

Wow. He looks like he's in his late 20's to me, that's usually the "prime" for most athletes right? But if he was still playing that well at 44 though...hmm...

Thiên said...

How old was he when he played his last recorded game honey? Am I remembering right that I heard you tell someone he played at 50?

I couldn't believe we found that photo after sifting through so many at the Schomberg! What an amazing prize for our patience.

jng3 said...

about 30 I'd guess,
bet it's a Giants uniform:))
Chicago Leland Giants
New York Lincoln Giants
Chicago American Giants
Atlantic City Bacharach Giants
Brooklyn Royal Giants

Mark said...


I see you've been doing your homework.

Sonia said...

I say 35. He sure looks like he'd be very friendly in person.