Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fergie Jenkins & Juan Marichal

We had a great time at the "Smokey" Joe Williams Banquet. We were fortunate to have two Hall of Fame pitchers, and two great storytellers in Fergie Jenkins and Juan Marichal. Both arrived early and we were able to spend most of the week with them. They were very giving of their time -- spending an afternoon talking to kids at our alternative high school, and autographing for youngsters one evening at our local little league games.

The photo is from the Banquet. It is a live auction of jerseys autographed by our two ballplayers. As you can see, they had as much fun as we did. The jerseys were donated by the Fergie Jenkins Foundation, which also committed to a yearly donation to the "Smokey" Joe Williams Scholarship. Thanks to the Foundation, and to all of those who support the Scholarship!