Monday, June 9, 2008

Jacob & Pattie Ray

Jacob Ray served in the 38th & 24th Infantry with Calvin Williams and William Ball, and like them he also settled in Seguin after his discharge. He became a successful barber, and in the late 1880s was commissioned by the State of Texas as Captain of a local militia called the Ireland Rifles. The Ireland Rifles assisted the County sheriff, and on at least two occassions protected prisoners against mob violence. I estimate that this photo was taken around the time of his service in the Ireland Rifles.

Sometimes I wonder what influence Jacob Ray might have had on Joe Williams. Joe said once that at an early age someone gave him a baseball and he carried it with him wherever he went and even slept with it under his pillow. Maybe that someone was Calvin, or maybe it was Jacob Ray -- they were both at Ft. McKavett when baseball was played there around 1870.

I have known Johnnie Bean for years -- even attended "Smokey" Joe's induction in Cooperstown with him in 1999 -- but only recently did I learn that he was the great grandson of Jacob and Pattie Ray. He was kind enough to share this amazing photo with me. Thank you Mr. Bean!