Sunday, December 2, 2007

The old homestead

Joe Williams was born around 1886, not in Seguin as the history books will tell you, but in another small town in Texas. I think I know which one, but I need to do more research before I am certain. Nevertheless, Joe did grow up in Seguin in this home that was built by his mother Lettie before 1900. Can you picture him tossing a baseball with his older brother Jim in the front yard? The house was built on land that was purchased by Joe's grandfather Calvin Williams in 1878. After all of these years, the house is still in the family -- it is owned by two second cousins of Joe, one living in San Antonio and the other in California. I am hoping that the site can be preserved, perhaps as a local memorial or museum dedicated to Joe Williams.


Thiên said...

Knowing how much research you have both on paper and in your head, I still feel like I'm learning things about Joe and his family. I anxiously await your post to see what you will reveal next to readers! It's still amazing to me how you know all those dates off the top of your head!

Tex the Pontificator said...


An interesting site. I hope you are successful in protecting the property.

Mark said...

Thanks for visiting Tex.