Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slave Transactions of Guadalupe County, Texas

The book mentioned in the previous post, Slave Transactions of Guadalupe County, Texas was published last week, and I was excited to have a few copies come in the mail. My research didn't uncover any of Joe Williams' slave ancestors, but it did help me understand the difficult environment that shaped the lives of his grandmother, Fanny and his mother, Lettie. If you are interested in learning about the Guadalupe County slave trade and the 1,500 slaves that are mentioned in the book you can order it through Janaway Publishing (, or you can contact me directly.

In my ongoing search for Fanny Williams, I will travel soon to Panola County, Mississippi. That is the last place of residence for Fanny's slave master, W.R. Elam before he migrated to Texas with his slaves. I will search there for any slave transactions that include Fanny and her children. I will keep you posted.

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