Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Smokey" Joe Williams Scholarship Winners for 2008

Brandy Canion and Bradley Reiley are the latest recipients of the "Smokey" Joe Williams Scholarship. Both seniors are scholar-athletes at Seguin High School. Bradley played varsity football and pitched for the baseball team. Brandy played varsity softball, volleyball and was a cheerleader. Both were involved in FFA activities and both plan to attend Texas A&M University. Congratulations to these two hard-working students who embody the championship spirit of Joe Williams!

The first "Smokey" Joe Williams Scholarship awarded in 2000 was for $500. Thanks to the support of the Seguin community and the City of Seguin, the Scholarship award has grown to $4,000. To date, 17 "Smokey" Joe Williams Scholarships have been awarded.


Thiên said...

That is so nice to see the kids who won the scholarship! They look very happy and I would be too with that financial support (though I know the cost has really increased since I went to State). Very nice post, hon.

Anonymous said...

Nice. My brother went to Texas A&M!!!
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C&C Mama said...

I have had the pleasure of teaching both Brandy and Brad. They are outstanding students and made my job so much fun!! Way to go!! I am proud of you both!

Love, Mrs. Stephenson

Anonymous said...

Wasn't smokey joe black? Why you giving money to rich white kids?

Mark Gretchen said...

I will tell you this, Mr. Anonymous, that the 17 recipients of the “Smokey” Joe Williams Scholarship represent the colors, ethnicities and backgrounds found in the young people of Seguin. But all of them do have one thing in common. Given that he spent his life trying to break down color barriers, refute racial stereotypes and help other people, “Smokey” Joe Williams would be proud to have each of the recipients, including the two from this year, carry the banner of his Scholarship.